With continuous dominance in retail space, Amazon entered real-time communication space with Amazon Chime in February 2017. The giant is not taking a pause even for a moment. Recently, Amazon has announced a release of ‘Anytime’ a messaging app which may take over the prime leaders Whatsapp & Facebook. The new messaging app can bring players to the state of worry.

Amazon anytime screenshot

Coming to the functioning of an app, Amazon’s Anytime is a full featured, cross platform messaging app which is quite similar to other messaging apps. Anytime will let people chat, connect on voice and video calls, share funny photos with filters, play games and also integrate with other Amazon services like shop with Amazon, order food, listen to music and chat with businesses. To get feedback on a new app and find customer expectations, the giant has also been running a survey for an app.

As of now, Facebook has been dominating the messaging space with Whatsapp and Messenger. Many players such as Google, entered the messaging space but failed to take over Facebook. Google’s Allo and Duo were launched with huge fanfare but haven’t fulfilled the audience expectations.

Facebook has more than 200 million users in U.S., while the BI Insider report estimated Amazon has 80 million prime customer base in U.S. But Amazon has more active users. With the launch of messaging app, Amazon could certainly be more appealing and capture Facebook’s high user base. But it is still unclear that Amazon will able to shift users from Facebook to Anytime. So for Amazon’s Anytime success lies in what it offers. It should be really different, or it would be an uphill battle.

Published On: July 26, 2017​