Apple Fails to Launch WebRTC WebKit in Safari Until the End of 2016

by RTC Content Team

A lot many people in the WebRTC community were expecting the addition of WebRTC WebKit for the Safari browser. As “in development” the Cupertino maker of iThings claimed the addition of WebRTC to the list of open specifications for updating its WebKit website. Although there was no given timeline for the introduction of the support in iOS and X versions of Safari. Still, it was expected to launch until the end of 2016. But Apple seems to disappoint the WebRTC community.

Full-scale adoption of WebRTC can be seen done across different industries. According to StatCounter Safari covers a full 10-15 percent of the entire browser market. It is the major step forward for the WebRTC technology if Apple enters the bandwagon. Facebook, Google & Whatsapp have already shown the willingness to adopt WebRTC in their latest products with Slack & WhatsApp launching video calling feature based on WebRTC.

Apple’s initial lack of commitment created doubt and fear among companies and organizations looking to incorporate WebRTC in their products and services. But it seems that Apple is willing to take a different route with no WebRTC compatibility.

Even Microsoft’s recent commitment to support WebRTC in the Edge browser, Apple remains the last of the tech giants to leave WebRTC out of their latest updates.

According to research by IHS, the market for the robust technology is expected to grow rapidly all across the globe, from $569.2 million in 2015 to $4.45 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 50.9 percent. Adoption by Apple will certainly reinforce market growth – the number of regular users is expected to surpass 2 billion by 2020.

But with the delay, it seems that Safari is losing out in the perpetual browser war, &  harming themselves in return.

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Published On:January 3, 2017