With mass flooding into the highly competitive job market, there is a process to recruit candidates. The process can be fragmented in eight simple steps.

First is to identify and understand the eligibility criteria and look for the suitable candidates, second is to conduct screening of all the applicants. It further rolls down to next steps comprising two rounds -- telephonic interview and personal interview with the concerned department heads. This is followed by shortlisting of few candidates, final interview round, and selecting the right candidate. Last step is verification of the documents, issuing offer letter to the candidate, and completing the joining formalities.

This recruitment process is perfect and lets you find the suitable candidate. But what if you could save some effort with a slight change in the process? How about cutting down travel costs of initial rounds?

You can find this by leveraging real-time communication in hiring. When we talk about the interview process, nothing beats the one-to-one live interview sessions. However, if you are thinking of fast and fruitful recruiting conversions, web real-time communication is a great platform with perks of seeing the candidate in an interviews.

Let’s Focus on How it May Benefit You in Hiring Candidates:

  • Select your candidate with minimum expense

Often, you have to provide travel reimbursement to the candidates shortlisted for the interview. This might come across as a huge expense for hiring one candidate. Here, going with video interviews will work, as it cuts down the cost for both the company and the candidates.

  • Reduce unnecessary travel time

The current process of recruitment wastes a lot of time for both the company and the candidates. Video conferencing will save you from the same. Your HR team members have to travel to multiple offices to conduct interview rounds and meetings. Video interviews facilitate them in such conditions and save the unnecessary travel time for both the parties.

  • Get in-person interview experience

You may find one-to-one interaction beneficial to have a better impression of the candidate. The process one follows during traditional interview rounds is quite time taking. Video interview eliminates time constraint and cost limitation. It is an online replication of offline recruitment process which enables you to analyse body language and have a better judgment of the candidate.

  • Select your candidate in no time

Eventually, with benefits like cost effectiveness, no unnecessary travel time, and total in-person experience, you can select your candidate in no time with video conferencing. There is real-time communication and no time constraints while scheduling interview rounds. Video interviews can be conducted even in the late evening and early morning.

  • Find ways to easy proctor the assessments

You may come across doubts about how you will manage assessments in video interviews. Infact, managing or proctoring of the assignments is quite relieving during video conferencing. You can easily monitor tasks using feature like screen sharing. The interviewer can directly analyze the process used by the candidate to complete the assessment.

  • Get the sight of interview rounds

As you have to interview multiple candidates for one profile, it is very difficult to keep track of all the conversations and choose one from them. You must have often faced this issue. Video conferencing is again a savior here as it enables you to record and store all the interview rounds. They can be viewed for further requirements and shared with the upper hierarchy.

  • Find onboarding easy and interactive

Want to stay more connected with the new hires? Coordinating with a new hire is an unseen challenge that you face after onboarding a new candidate. Video conferencing can be a solution to it. HR team can make sure that the candidate is engaged and transitioning within the organization. While coordinating with new employees, video conferencing smoothens the internal meetings. It helps more if the HR team is at a different location.

  • Get overall process simplified

Don’t you feel that the process of hiring, recruiting, and onboarding altogether is quite lengthy? What if you can shorten it? Video conferencing is the best way to recruit candidates. It helps you to get your process simplified. The process is more flexible and enables you to interview more candidates in a shorter period of time. For instance, you want various managers to interview the candidate from various locations, you don’t have to wait all day for their physical presence if you go with video interviewing.

​Published On: February 2, 2017