Apple finally answers to all the WebRTC enthusiasts, by supporting WebRTC with Safari 11.

Safari was way behind to adopt WebRTC, making the WebRTC development frustrating for past few years with buggy plugins & patches sprinkled all around the code. Other major browsers were quick to adopt WebRTC, Google Chrome, and Firefox being at the forefront since the start.

Last year Microsoft Edge also announced WebRTC support. After a lot of expectations of Safari WebRTC support announcement and disappointment in 2016. It seems like Apple is willing to take a different route with WebRTC compatibility in 2017. However, there is a change coming in iOS and MacOS 11 10:13.

For Apple developers and users, this is a significant step towards using video communication apps right from the browser where it is meant to be.

iOS11 release at WWDC 2017

On June 5 at WWDC 2017, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook made an announcement for upcoming iOS11, and you can expect its release this Autumn. You can also expect the public beta version in July itself. Apple hasn’t announced it yet, but we’re expecting that news soon.

Get ready for the more enticing iOS11 with WebRTC support in the browser Safari.

Reference - New in Safari 11.0 – Support for real-time communication using WebRTC.

Published On: June 6, 2017​