Why did Google Duo lose to WhatsApp video calling?

by RTC Content Team

A lot of competition has sprung up in the messaging space but the robustness of WhatsApp is what keeps it at the top of the list of messaging platforms. From Hike to Viber to now Google introducing it’s new platform Google Duo – a video chat platform. But the market has rejected Google Duo looking at the initial traction it got.

Now why did Google Duo fail when compared to WhatsApp?

Context, Context, Context!

WhatsApp differs in terms of context with Google Duo just because it has established itself as all in one communication app, with its attachment & web app feature going strong it might give Skype run for their money.

Google Duo as a standalone video messaging app loses to WhatsApp in terms of context.

What do we mean by “Google Duo lacks context”?

With an incentive for the users to take the conversation forward in different directions, WhatsApp creates the stickiness every app needs with its users.

So does it mean that a messaging app should have many features or add-ons to provide context?
To be fair to all the messaging apps, the answer is NO!

No doubt that robustness has helped WhatsApp to grow its user base. Most upcoming messaging apps tend to confuse context with feature bloat.

Is there any difference in the technology used by WhatsApp & Google Duo?

Both WhatsApp & Google Duo use WebRTC as the core technology for video calling feature along with XMPP. WhatsApp technology team has made video calling to work with low connectivity with quality being compromised but keeping the connection active. This is not the case with Google Duo. WhatsApp core vision to connect people irrespective of the mobile network strength they are using, has led it to become the leading messaging platform.

Other communication apps else is working the “context”

– Facebook Messenger is the closest to what WhatsApp delivers in terms of context.

– Slack is the swiss army knife of messaging, with almost 100+ integrations possible.

– Google Allo with its auto replying semi-chatbot feature got everyone’s attention.

To conclude, the actual race for messaging apps is to find the best balance between maintaining robustness & adding new features (adding context).

Did you try Google Duo yet? Give it a spin! And if we both agree to WhatsApp being better, please share!


Published On:December 16, 2016