The Truth of WebRTC

You mostly perceive WebRTC to be used for voice and video calls. But you are already using it for many other applications. No matter, what industry you are from, you must explore WebRTC focused areas. Take stock of areas where WebRTC can increase your efficiency and productivity.

Recently, there's a slew of WebRTC conferencing tool announcements, especially targeted towards the enterprises.

Amazon announced Chime - a free conference tool which touts “exceptional audio and video quality.”

Google announced Meet - an enterprise version of Hangouts

With this, Google and Amazon both left their footprints as an internal communication tool.

Where Can You Find Use Cases Beyond Video Calling?

While many enterprises ought to explore technology and are willing to dip their toes in the real-time communication world, you can find some lesser known use cases across industries.

In one instance, of the rural town in North Dakota, a water polo player Sarah once dislocated her shoulder and decided to go for arthroscopic surgery. Six weeks after the completion of surgery, her parents took her to the nearest physical therapy clinic which was three hours away. The clinic was equipped with telehealth capabilities, and hence, she didn’t have to drive for six hours each week. Sarah and her therapist used to communicate via telemedicine video calls.

With reference to this instance in Telemedicine, you can simplify the telehealth experience for both the patient and the provider.

- You can connect with your existing hospital systems, medical devices, and other medical processes in real-time.

- You can integrate the telemedicine products with the context, supporting daily work and decision processes in healthcare. This can be done by providing access to clinical standards, patient health history, disease-specific playbooks, record keeping, and documentation.

- You can access doctor anytime using your smartphones or tablets and save your life through specialized care.

Now here is another case of a certified financial planner ‘Richard’ who manages over 400 million dollars in assets for a top financial institution. One of Richard’s top clients, Jim, wants to make few changes to his portfolio and also needs advice to manage his assets. Jim’s wife is also a part of the conversation and takes crucial decisions. Now, Jim is at a convention in Atlanta and his wife is at home in Orange County. The discussion of assets was urgent for Jim. So, Richard asked them for a multi-party conference. He shared the video link from his company’s secure online platform and linked his client Jim and his wife for the discussion.

Jim logs in to the video call from his mobile device while his wife logs in from the laptop at home. Richard suggested to use a secure encrypted network for the video call. The discussion began and for better analysis, Richard used the screen sharing feature. This helped him to explain using graphs and charts. The discussion was successfully completed, Jim and his wife both were satisfied.

Here, you’ll find both Richard and his client were assisted by real-time communication tool. Know more about the usage of web real-time communication in Financial Services.

- You can deliver your personalized services and consultation on financial planning. You can also answer client questions and suggest investment portfolio options.

- You can securely discuss confidential information and share files through an encrypted network.

Just go through this medical training use case - Mary and Angelo the first time parents got blessed with a baby boy. The hospital provided a postnatal training to the new parents so that their babies grow well and remain fit. Each week, Mary and Angelo log onto the postnatal training session video with their doctor to discuss their baby’s routine. They learned a more structured way of feeding, and monitoring his sleeping and waking periods. Mary uses a wearable device to help doctor track her sleeping pattern. The doctor wants to ensure both the mother and the baby are well. During the live video session, Mary sends the data using the wearable device, doctor analyzes it, and makes recommendations.

The doctor also shares documents within video calling interface to make them aware about early stages of a newborn. Mary and Angelo also record the video for future reference. The live video call helps the doctor to provide training to their patients and reduces the time it takes to move from appointment to appointment.

This shows how you can leverage real-time communication more in Training and Education Industry.

- You can find the experience that goes beyond group video chat.

- You can integrate the student experience into one smooth, simple and convenient  process with real-time communication.

- You can complete your coursework on your own time, from a coffee shop or your living room.

In an instance, ‘Michael’ a serviceman who has been installing home security systems for over a decade, once got a property with detached garage and poolside recreation room. The client required that the new home security systems secure all three buildings on the property. After 30 minutes of installation, Michael came across the problem. The two detached buildings and main monitoring system were not getting connected. He could have tried to troubleshoot but he didn’t because it could have taken another hour. Michael made a video call, he navigated through the company’s app and passed the customer information using video support button. He initiated a video support call back to headquarters so that a more specialized technician could expedite the troubleshooting process.

Michael used the rear camera of the tablet to show the other technician the problem he was struggling with. They both got their solution within 10 minutes. The installation was complete and the customer was satisfied.

After knowing this instance you’d have understood how can you integrate real-time communication in Field Services.

- You can also create a field service application for the support staff facilitating them at home, office and field.

- You can develop an application which shares video and integrates with IoT sensors in the field, data and machinery.

In another instance, an industrialist Tyler on his first big industry event got confused about what to wear. Since he isn’t at the level of having his own stylist, he goes online to start doing some research.

While browsing a website specialized in bow ties, he added and removed a number of bow ties and still couldn’t make a decision. Support agent on the back-end was tracking Tyler’s clicks, he gave a pop-up on tyler’s desktop asking “Need to Talk to a Personal Stylist?”. Tyler clicked on the link and got connected to the support session with the sales representative. He was in the real-time communication with sales rep suggesting his purchasing decision. After a few minutes, Tyler decided to purchase a bow tie with matching pocket square for his suit along with a belt. With the video session, the retailer won over the risk of losing a confused customer. Sales rep upsold the customer to buy more products thereby increasing the number of sales.

This is how you can work and grow over your Customer Support.

- You can plan for the real-time customer support application which can keep track of what customer is doing on your website.

- You can assist your customers and connect with them faster and efficiently.

- You can find it as a sales platform supporting both the customers and  the future leads.

In one case, John, VP of Global Enterprise Sales of an organization wants to show massive growth to capitalize on the momentum and end the year on a high note. For this, he required 250 more sales representatives within their regional call centers. John gathers all the call center directors and told them that he is planning a massive recruitment drive for each of their locations. To save time, Mark, one of the call center directors, recommended using video interviews in the initial rounds. Video interviews helped them to filter candidates and record recruiting sessions for further evaluation with other staff.

Mark received the results of first recruitment drive from the HR manager with 900 candidates. With interviews ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Mark was satisfied with the results because they managed it more efficiently than personal interviews. In short span, the company hired 231 highly qualified sales representatives and the entire process was cut down from six weeks to two and a half weeks.

You must have realized the whole process of Recruiting is simplified using video interviews. Other than this -

- You can decrease cost per hire.

- You can screen candidates faster and efficiently.

- You can record and share video interviews for further reference.

With all such instances, you can proceed with experiments in other industries too. Know How?

- You can have real-time communication application to support Travel & Hospitality Industry. Help your customers visit their destinations and get hotel view virtually.

- Just imagine you are performing in the US while sitting in Canada, UK or Australia. For instance, you have an amazing fleet of singers, drummers, dancers but you need to show your group’s performance on the urgent basis. You can ask all your team to perform from wherever they are by connecting in real-time. This is how you can integrate WebRTC in Performing Arts.

- You can create an all-in-one Telehealth Application which improves the patient experience. An app which enables functions like remote consultations, scheduling, billing, payments in one. In addition to Clinical Services, you can use real-time communication in remote non-clinical services too such as administrative meetings, provider training and medical education.

- With the integration of video calling feature and IoT sensors, you can also create an app with multi-channel features comprising artificial intelligence, integration with bots. This type of hi-tech application will provide you and your client seamless and more engaging real-time experiences other than video and voice calling.

If you are using WebRTC in these industries and looking to explore more. Let us help you with this. Else, if you have anything to add more to this. Inbox us!

Published On: April 10, 2017​