You can’t fit any random cap to any random bottle, and even if it fits, the bottle may leak.

What if same happens with your video conferencing product?

Not every product is the best and you need to find the right fit. To find the right product, you need to understand your requirements and bandwidth.

Finding the right video conferencing product depends on the size and structure of your business. Many times, a single tool can fit your purpose and sometimes, you may require different tools for different functions.

The video conferencing market is flooded with possible providers and services. Even among the largest players, the capabilities and business models are dramatically different. For selecting the right video conferencing product you need to check three things -

Identify Team Size

You may require video conferencing product for the whole organization or limited to some teams. Not all products work the same for all sizes and therefore, you need to identify which product will suit your team size.​

Know Your Purpose

You must know for which tasks you need the video conferencing product. Figure out whether you just want it for meetings, webinars, training sessions, or also for chats, file sharing, and other multiple tasks in different teams.

Know The Pricing

Pricing for every product varies according to its bandwidth and support. You should go for the one you can afford.

We will help you find the best fit as per your organization's size, structure, and work areas. The vendors discussed in this series are just a sampling of the largest players. We’ve differentiated them as per the reviews and ratings of the products from authentic websites and employee strength.

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  • 10 - 20 EMPLOYEES
  • 50 - 100 EMPLOYEES
  • 200 - 500 EMPLOYEES
  • 500 - 1000 EMPLOYEES
  • 1000 - 10,000 EMPLOYEES


iMeet is an all-in-one web, audio, and video conferencing solution with tools to collaborate and communicate effectively. It connects with your video conferencing room systems via SIP or H.323 protocols. iMeet provides you a more personalized online meeting experience with Dolby voice audio quality. It helps you to reach up to 125 participants. By just signing up you can start your 30-day free trial. From easy-to-use interface to screen sharing, iMeet plans include:

- Outlook Toolbar for easy scheduling

- Personalized URL to join the meeting

- Call A Guest to directly add someone

- Mobile Apps to connect from any device

- Text Messages providing customize text alerts for different meeting functions

- File Storage to upload and share files directly from your desktop

- Social Integration to connect with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

iMeet consist of three business plans - iMeet up to 5 participants at $9 per month per user if billed annually, iMeet Plus up to 35 participants at $29 per month per user if billed annually or $39 per month per user if billed monthly and iMeet XL up to at $49 per month per user if billed annually or $65 per month per user if billed monthly.

Cisco WebEx​

With outlook plug-ins scheduling a meeting and starting a meeting becomes simpler in Cisco WebEx. It loads fast and you can invite members in advance. You can join meeting with unique URL from anywhere irrespective of the browser, device or system. It has specialized products:

- Cisco WebEx Meeting Center + Cisco Spark - You can meet here and work with two people.

- Cisco WebEx Event Center - You can use this to conduct events and webinars.

- Cisco WebEx Training Center - This helps you to offer online training and courses.

- Cisco WebEx Support Center - It provides you support and maintenance.

The premium version up to 8 participants costs $24 per month per user if billed monthly or $19 per month per user if billed annually. The premium version up to 25 participants costs $39 per month per user if billed monthly or $29 per month per user if billed annually. The premium version up to 200 participants costs $49 per month per user if billed monthly or $39 per month per user if billed annually. Cisco WebEx is the best fit for large enterprises.


BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing service and is the most suitable for your official meetings. Many teams can access it simultaneously, so it’s ideal for large groups but also for small groups. Even if you’re on the field, you can connect with your team members with just one click without logging in. BlueJeans provides following services -

- OnVideo - Easily connect with 1-100 colleagues across devices; face-to-face collaboration anytime without any additional hardware or software.

- Primetime - Launch interactive all-hands meetings and town halls for thousands of participants

- Huddle - Easily transform any meeting space into a simple to use, video-enabled hub

- onSocial - Engage your Facebook followers with multi-party, interactive video broadcasting over Facebook Live

BlueJeans provides services from pre-deployment consultation planning to live meetings and event support. Their experts are always ready to help.

BlueJeans Support Services:

  • Email and Phone Support
  • Designated Customer Success Managers
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Solutions Engineers
  • Online Training
  • Network Assessment
  • Deployment Planning
  • Meeting and Event Assist
  • Custom Integration

For pricing details, BlueJeans gives three plans. Its Pro plan costs approximately $19 per month per user up to 50 participants and for pricing information of its Business & Enterprise plans you will have to contact BlueJeans team.

Find Specific Tools For Webinars

Click Meeting

It gives you custom branded webinars to educate, engage, convert, and reach your audience. With this tool, you can have online meetings, give presentations, take lectures, and collaborate with up to 1000 people. But it is mostly used for webinars. You can run your webinar process by preparing and inviting participants. Start and interact with them using presentations, whiteboards, audio modes, polls & surveys, then analyze and share it to build relationships. You can also record the webinar and know attendee statistics.

Know how it helps to achieve your business goals:

- Sales - You can move targeted clients through the sales funnel and turn them into potential customers.

- Marketing - You can attract your audience by telling them your brand story and demonstrating your expertise.

- Education - You can engage students by delivering knowledge and measuring their progress.

- HR & Training - You can have employees onboard worldwide and provide training from wherever you are.

It can also develop a custom solution for your enterprise. It comes with three plans - MyWebinars in $25 per month per user up to 25-100 attendees, MyWebinarsPro in $35 per month per user up to 50-500 attendees and Enterprise plan in $165 per month per user up to 500-5000 candidates all rates are applicable when billed annually.


It is a SaaS-based web conferencing tool. It is user-friendly and you can set up your account in less than 15 minutes. However, if you use it with Zapier, you face a lot of shortcomings by integrating another email tool for your reminders, and other reporting tools for managing the post-webinar reports.​

How can you convert your webinar into sales?

- Expand your reach with reusable content - You can record webinar and post anywhere

- Boost sales lead quality with reporting & analytics - You can improve your webinar by reaching your leads with analytics and reports generated.

- Host, engage, and influence - With live polls, surveys, and presentations you can make your session more interactive and engaging.

- Create interactive, on-demand webinars - Create pre-recorded webinars that feel as vibrant as a live event. With Simulated Live you can record a pitch-perfect delivery that engages from start to finish.

- Capture what matters - You can customize registration forms which let you collect the precise lead information you need.

When selecting video conferencing tool, you can also go for outsourcing vendor for custom video conferencing tool development. But before opting for an outsourcing vendor, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know your requirements for video conferencing tool?
  • Are you their first customer?
  • Are their WebRTC developers skilled and have they built a product before?
  • Do they provide a designated go-to person to interact regularly?
  • Are you able to evaluate your product?

Make sure, you find the answers to the questions above before opting for any vendor.

And if you are looking for custom video conferencing product, you can also ask us.

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​Published On: May 10, 2017