It’s always worthwhile to choose a custom solution and a ready-made product. Why invest time in developing a product yourself? Every custom solution provider comes with a warranty and support options.

The same thing happens when you start with WebRTC development. It’s always beneficial to get your custom WebRTC platform rather than ‘DIY’ efforts. Also, it is convenient tobuya WebRTC platform from a vendor. For excellent integration, support, management of your WebRTC services, you should consider a third party WebRTC platform. A custom WebRTC platform provider is available to you from installing, resolving backend work to full-functioning end-to-end platform and support.

You know WebRTC is an open-source technology that helps you to embed real-time multimedia directly into the browser. And, you also know why you need the WebRTC service, but it’s not that easy to design. As it is an open source technology, anyone can download the source code and use it to build the platform. No doubt you also think to save money and build it using your in-house developers.

Why it is not easy?

You must have gone through the WebRTC code of ethics and you’ll avoid any kind of violation. However, when developing a proprietary or standalone WebRTC solution, there is a big risk. It requires access to certain resources that may not be readily available within your development team. WebRTC development asks for telecommunications standards which include a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) and client-side only communication protocols. Although WebRTC is browser-based, you’ll need access to telecommunications-grade infrastructure to manage a large volume of data and traffic across your network.

Once you embed WebRTC into a digital channel, you turn to a telecommunication provider. Last year, FCC released the new privacy and data security rules. As per the rules, all companies providing telecommunications services are subject to Title II of the Federal Communications Act. If implemented correctly, you can meet the rules without violating any terms and condition. WebRTC offers built-in encryption and robust security, so you can easily make it.

Why are custom WebRTC solution providers beneficial?

1. Provide great user-experience - WebRTC should work flawless, fit in your organization, keep your employees engaged, and seamlessly fulfill your work requirements. With custom solutions, you don’t need to worry about user-experience. The custom provider is keen towards your needs and provides you the exact solution, you ask for. When you find any performance issues, they are dealt immediately by the solution provider. You’ll need to follow the simple process and have to sign up an SLA consisting the service - quality, responsibility, and availability.

2. Team size is no more a concern - A scalable solution is what you look for. When choosing any WebRTC platform provider, you may struggle with scalability. Your business user-base can change overnight. What if you get a scope to avoid inconvenience during a sudden change? Here custom solution is helpful. You can ask custom providers to always give a plus bandwidth to some extent.

3. Provide easy reach and support - You never think of your WebRTC platform crashing, but what if it abruptly stops. And, you have some urgent business meetings on the same platform. Do you have any backup plan which solves an issue without any spoiler? You may also find the solution. However, it’s always great to have someone responsible for taking care. No matter, whatever the issue is, platform providers are available to provide support and maintenance.

4. Save your internal resources time - You could have skilled developers, but any of them have ever worked with WebRTC codes earlier. Although WebRTC has completed five years, it is still unknown to many developers. For in-house platform, you may require a learning curve for your resources. Instead, you can use your resources for other projects and outsource a custom WebRTC platform provider. A WebRTC platform provider is skilled and experienced enough to address most of the challenges. Rather you’ll find a satisfactory, flawless, high-quality, and customized platform with a due guarantee.

5. Get more value for your developers - You know developers are pretty expensive, and you don’t pay them amount turning them to billionaires. Why would your developers spend time, give stress on brains for fussy signaling protocols? You hire developers to build amazing software and get you profit against the software. By choosing custom WebRTC platform providers, you can bring more value and profit out of your developers.

6. Gets you a solution in no time - What if you get your work done in decreased time and zero efforts? You may find in-house solution cheaper than the outsourced one. But even if your developers find WebRTC development easy, it may take several months or weeks to complete the project. Do you have time for that? Then why don’t you go for custom WebRTC solution provider? WebRTC platform provider will give you a ready to ‘go live’ product in the estimated timeline.

7. Ensure you platform security - As we discussed above, WebRTC development comes across various code of ethics, privacy, and data security rules. And, the platform deals with internal communication and client communication. You need to be careful about server security and check if it's up to date. With increased browser security issues, WebRTC security is also hampered. But, custom WebRTC platform providers are pretty sure about the features added to your platform are secure.

8. Gain control over your platform - Going for a third-party provider does not mean overall surrender of your ideas. Your developers may have many new ideas and features to use the WebRTC solution. When you work with custom solution providers, you have full control over it. You can ask to implement your features in any way you think of. Custom providers offer some control that allows you to change few features like preferred video resolution, caps on bandwidth usage, and default frame rates.

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Published on: ​June 12, 2017